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I too was very unsatisfied with the company for a long time and had to file a complaint through paypal.Paypal paid the banner company for me and I never got the store front I paid for.

Paypal investagated and found on my behalf and got my money back from them. I feel bad because I brought a store from them back in 1999 and got it but with all the hits on my store I really did not believe that I had no items sold. I advertised and hand delivered my fliers and I mean I went all out.

Stay away from them they are bad news.

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I too got ripped off from getestore!

I had 5 friends purposely order a

product from my store and their

credit card transacted okay! They

never got their product and I never

got paid.

I wanted my money back and getestore never refunded my money.

I reported this to the BBB and getestore is an "F" rating They are

a scam and a fraud! Calif SBOE and LAPD should check them out and fine them. is a scam

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Not resolved which is universsal banned are a scammers.i have a store with them and i sell several items from my store.

when it was time to get paid. they sent me a fake check. my bank charge me extra money for processing the check. don't trust universsal banned company.

they try all they can to make you belived that they are a great drop-shipper company online. but they are wrong , because they are taking people money and given out fake checks.

and i also heard they've done that to other customers.look out for these scams

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